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Marshalls, TJX’s off-price discount store chain in the United States, also launched the Marshalls Reviews Survey. Customers are being asked to give candid reviews, and in return, they will be entered to win one of eleven monthly gift cards from February to December 2020.

Including the fact that purchase is not necessary to join the sweepstakes (entrants may also enter via mail), the department store chain urges its consumers to engage in the online survey since it is devoted to listening to them in order to enhance and deliver quality service.

Customers who have just made a transaction at one of Marshalls’ shops should hold their receipts and use the details on them to visit and perform an online survey. They are required to leave their personal contact details after addressing all of the questions in order to compete in the multiple monthly sweepstakes.

Marshalls’ online survey helps them to get a clear understanding of what their clients want. A single piece of input is processed by the organization and used to boost the customer’s experience in the future.

MarshallsFeedback Survey Rules and Requirements

What you should know:

  • In order to respond to the online survey, participants need a notebook, computer, smartphone, or Desktop linked to the Internet.
  • A browser that requires Javascript and cookies to work.
  • Entrants must be aged +18 years.
  • Participants must be able to comprehend the language in English or Spanish.
  • To engage in the study, you must have made a prior transaction at any Marshall place in the United States or Puerto Rico and saved the receipt.
  • To qualify for inclusion in the study, entrants must be American citizens, from the District of Columbia, or Puerto Rico.
  • Participants require truthful input and any personal details to be given.
  • There are no receipts, but applying for a chance to win is the next best option. Using a 3×5 card or journal, and then sending the card in a #10 envelope of valid postage, buyers are eligible to join the Marshalls’ Customer Loyalty Sweepstakes. To correctly join the customer satisfaction sweepstakes, you must use the following mailing address: The mailing address is as follows: Marshalls’ Customer Satisfaction Sweepstakes, PO Box 154, Macedon, NY 14502-0154.

The Marshalls’ Survey Staff and family members are not allowed access.


Marshall Prohibitions for the Survey

  • The business and Marshalls or all of its branches, as well as the immediate family members of their staff, are not permitted inside.
  • Wherever the statute prohibits it, the online survey is illegal.
  • Non-US nationals are not qualified to take the survey.
  • The award cannot be moved or offered to another individual.

Starting the questionnaire

  • Purchase something at a Marshall’s shop in the United States or Puerto Rico. The Marshalls Consumer Loyalty Survey will operate from February 1 to December 31, 2023. Between February and December, there are eleven separate entry dates.
  • Join after getting a sales receipt.
  • A welcoming note appears on the first page, explaining that the organization values consumer reviews and describing the constraints.
  • Use the knowledge from the purchase receipt to fill in the blanks.

You’ll be prompted to enter any detail from your receipt on the first screen:

  • Amount of respondents to the sample
  • Visited date and period

MarshallsFeedback Survey

How to Take Survey

You may also switch between English and Spanish as your language of preference.

  • To begin, click the “Start” button. Start the online survey after you’ve entered all of the necessary details.
  • Please react to the queries.
  • Customers are invited to include their frank views, feedback, and ideas on their encounters at Marshall’s stores in all of the queries. After that, the knowledge is used to strengthen the operation and services.
  • Please include your contact address.
  • Customers must fill out their contact details after completing the survey. These details would be included during the sweepstakes.
  • To complete this operation, pick “Submit” from the drop-down menu.
  • Note to double-check all of the details to ensure you’ve entered your truthful views on the supermarkets. After that, you must apply for the survey.
  • Your application has been issued.
  • After that, you can get confirmation of your entry into the monthly sweepstakes. Per month, a total of eleven $500 gift cards will be awarded.

The collection of Marshall’s is Marshall’s priority

The Marshall’s is one of the biggest off-price supermarket stores in the United States, having been established in 1962. there are approximately 1700 of the most important U.S. cities The School Board of Toronto is in over 2,000. Family and home apparel and accessory sales constitute around 10,000 pieces of product per week, and all the retail stores receive these products.

Contact Marshalls

The Marshalls Department Store’s headquarters is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.

Conclusion: The business listed in the video: TJX Businesses, Inc., 770 Cochituate Path, Framingham, MA 01701, United States Phone Number: 1-508-390-1000

We’ve established a customer service phone number at (833) 888-0776.

In order to provide their consumers with the highest possible buying experience, the Marshalls supermarket company performs an online survey that encourages customers who have recently made a transaction in the US to complete it and offer input. The first reward for completing the survey is a $500 gift card. The sweepstakes will take place over the next eleven months, starting in February 2020 and finishing in December 2020. Have you ever been to a Marshalls? If you have your receipt, you can go to to fill out the questionnaire and make suggestions. When you have answered all the feedback questions and included your email information, you will be eligible to claim a $500 Marshalls gift card as your reward.

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